This list is intended to showcase the range of figures who played a role in Oregon film history. Not a comprehensive list!

The best way to use this list is to choose a name you are interested in and then use the search feature on the right to connect to the post which details the Oregon conection. I will eventually have links under all these names, but for right now, if you like, you can find the link yourself using the  search feature.

Italics are used to designate that the person is a director.

Allen, Penny

Altman, Robert

Arbuthnot, Sue

Auel, Jean

Baker, George

Ballard, Carroll

Beattie, Stuart

Beatty, Warren

Belushi, John

Bigelow, Kathryn

Bird, Brad

Blanc, Mel

Blashfield, Jim

Bogart, Humphrey

Bogosian, Eric

Bond, Rose

Borgnine, Ernest

Bowerman, Bill

Brennan, Walter

Bruce, Barry

Bruns, George

Bryant, Louise

Campbell, Bruce

Campbell, John

Carver, Raymond

Cantor, Eddie

Colvig, Pinto

Costner, Kevin

Cray, Robert

Curtis, Walt

Dietrich, Marlene

Donner, Richard

Douglas, Kirk

Douglas, Michael

Eastwood, Clint

Edwards, Blake

Edwards, Eric

Eisenstein, Sergei

Emschwiller, Ed

Eyre, Chris

Field, Todd

Finch, Peter

Forman, Milos

Foster, Jodie

Frankenheimer, John

Friedkin, William

Gable, Clark

Gilbert, John

Goddard, Paulette

Gordon, Ruth

Gould, Elliot

Gratz, Joan

Groening, Matt

Gustafson, Mark

Haynes, Todd

Haycox, Ernest

Heder, Jon

Hepburn, Katherine

Hersholt, Jean

Holden, William

Honeyman, Art

Horton, Edward Everett

Hurt, William

Ivory, James

Jackson, Michael

Janssen, David

Jolie, Angelina

Jost, Jon

July, Miranda

Karloff, Boris

Kaufman, Phillip

Keaton, Buster


Keitel, Harvey

Kesey, Ken

Khouri, Callie

Kubrick, Stanley

Ladd, Alan

LeGuin, Ursula

Lemmon, Jack

Levinson, Barry

Lindstrom, Brian

Love, Bessie

Love, Courtney

Lucas, George

Lucas, Marne

MacMurray, Fred


Mahan, Larry

Malamud, Bernard

Marvin, Lee

Massey, Raymond

Mann, Anthony

McDowell, Roddy

Methot, Mayo

Milland, Ray

Mineo, Sal

Mitchum, Robert

Monroe, Marilyn

Moomaw, Lewis

Morey, Walt

Morse, Wayne

Murnau, F. W.

Nayyar, Kunal

Nelson, Blake

Newman, Paul

Nicolson, Jack

O’Brien, George

Olsen, George

Palahniuk, Chuck

Pallette, Eugene

Pander, Arnold

Pander, Jacob

Parker, Alan

Patton, Virginia

Peck, Gregory

Phillips, Julianne

Phoenix, River

Plympton, Bill

Poitier, Sidney

Porter, Del

Powell, Jane

Powell, William

Prefontaine, Steve

Ray, Johnnie

Ray, Nicholas

Records, Max

Redford, Robert

Reed, John

Rich, Mike

Roberts, Bobby “Fatboy”

Rogers, Ginger

Salgado, Curtis

Sampson, Will

Schuster, Harold

Schwarztnegger, Arnold

Seberg, Jean

Sevrinsen, Doc

Shadburne, Susan

Sharif, Omar

Smith, Duncan

Smith, Harry

Spielberg, Steven

Stanford, Phil

Steele, Bob

Stiers, David Ogden

Stone, Oliver

Streep, Meryl

Struthers, Sally

Stevenson, Robert

Stewart, James

Tourneau, Jacques

Towne, Robert

Ullman, Liv

Van Sant, Gus

Varley, John

Vinton, Will

Walker, David

Walton, Bill

Wayne, John

Wechsberg, Peter

Welch, Raquel

Wilhelm, Richard

Young, Loretta

Zavin, Don


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